Note to those who dismissed Corbyn: if your media of choice uses the phrase “Loony Left” then it is not a piece of serious journalism.

In 2017, a broadly socialist manifesto of progressive policies on social welfare, public services and taxation (which have all worked successfully elsewhere in the world) is no longer to be dismissed offhand as a “suicide note”, a “pipedream”, or a “letter to Santa”. It is to be recognised as the serious platform of policies which it is. A legitimate vision of this country which would make life better for the many, and not the few, and which was, yesterday, endorsed by 40% of an energised voting public.

So the next time you are told a fable by an elite-run and ideologically biased media about the “natural party of governance” versus the “loony left”, please remember the following important truths:

1) The Conservatives are not to be trusted with the economy.  

They have, in the last twelve months alone, plunged the country into two unnecessary constitutional crises which have seen our currency plummet and stripped us of any serious bargaining power when it comes to global trade and Brexit negotiations. They have turned a once international economic power into something desperate, weak and inward looking. Furthermore the Tories have been unable to do the most basic things domestically that an economically responsible government needs to do – underfunding nurses, teachers, police and failing to provide essential safety nets to the most vulnerable in our society. Both domestically and internationally the Conservatives do not know how to run an economy.

2) The Conservatives are not responsible in government. 

When David Cameron gambled with the country’s wellbeing on Brexit, he and his Bullingdon Club Chancellor fled the scene immediately, leaving it to others to pick up the pieces. When Theresa May did the same thing with her hubristic snap election, she clung to power only by welcoming climate change denying, anti LGBT, anti women, terrorist sympathising, DUP members into government.

3) The Conservatives are not nice. 

Austerity was a choice, and a damaging one at that, and in 2017 instead of seeking to reverse their harmful programme of ideological cuts which made us less safe, less secure in our jobs, less healthy, more stressed, more hungry and more homeless, the Conservatives chose to take meals away from school children, homes and heat away from the elderly, kill foxes, and rip up our human rights.

4) The Conservatives are not honest.

Their 2010 campaign was based around a demonstrable lie that the Labour Party were responsible for a global economic crash which was actually born from the subprime mortgage scandal of the United States. Their 2015 campaign repeated this same, proven falsehood, adding to it the further racist spectre of a refugee crisis as they attempted to out-tough UKIP on immigration (using dishonest and never attained targets – as they also did with their economic proposals since 2010). Then in 2016 the Michael Gove and Boris Johnson-led Leave campaign gave us a cacophony of false promises about Brexit billions and pseudo-sovereignty, and in 2017 their lies were equally unashamed: taking Jeremy Corbyn’s quotes out of context repeatedly and consistently, despite his having publicly explained them all numerous times, and denouncing the entire notion of taxation (a basic function of government) as a “magic money tree” despite a clear and costed manifesto from Labour about where the money would come from (a lie they also told against the Greens in 2015 for their equally costed plans). And that’s before we remember all the u-turns on policy, term- lengths and elections that also dip far more than a toe into the realm of the untrue.

There is certainly a party here unfit to govern, but it is not the party of the left; it is the untrustworthy, irresponsible, unkind and dishonest party of the right.